The MCL Market site, which works as a letgo-style advertisement site and brings together buyers and sellers who want to experience shopping with cryptocurrencies, has been opened at!

MCL Market was opened! Now you can earn while you are selling and buying. If you are seller, you will get rewards from staking pool of MCL Market. When selling with credit loops, both sellers and buyers can earn with 3x staking power. If you are a buyer, you can ask seller by paying with credit loops for the shopping!

MCL market

The site is based on trust and is not involved in the payment transactions between the buyer and seller in any way.


Advertisements and buying and selling started on the site. A rewarding pool is set up to support advertised sellers. From January 1, 2021, sellers who post spam-free advertisements will have regular MCL rewards from The campaign will continue for a certain period of time.

To take advantage of the campaign, all you have to do is post an advertisement and start sales. You only need to enter your valid MCL Wallet address in your profile as in the example below.

Setting up MCL wallet address to get rewards


It is very easy to get an MCL Wallet address. On the Komodo Platform’s Decentralized Exchange AtomicDEX, you can open a wallet right away. Do not share the private keys in the wallet with anyone and never lose them. You can install it by downloading it from

After installing AtomicDEX you just need to add in MCL in order to get your wallet address.

Adding MCL in AtomicDEX

Learning your MCL Wallet Address

Learning your MCL Wallet Address

Following is the official letter from Marmara Chain group:-

I am happy to announce on behalf of Marmara group that is ready now for shoppings. I officially invite all members of Komodo Ecosystem to experience with us shopping with Cryptocurrencies in real economy. The site works similar to Letgo system which brings sellers and buyers together with a huge difference of course. We reward sellers/advertisers in the system who advertise/sell items by means of KOMODO FAMILY COINS which include KMD, MCL, ARRR and VRSC. The rewarding mechanism is a staking pool with 3x staking based on credit Loops. We will lock initially at least 100k MCL as 1 year credit Loops into staking pool for this purpose. For full power of staking, we will realize a small town story within the pool with all credit Loops. That means pool will be both issuer and holder for all credit loops to get 100% staking power of 3x staking. The pool is transparent and we invite the community leaders to contribute to rewarding pool for more rewards to community. The rewards will be distributed periodically either as daily or weekly depending on amount of operations in the rewarding pool. The rewarding will be based on number of items to be sold and some other measures checked if ads are really used in real shopping. Therefore, spammers will not be tolerated by our admins in the site and they will be banned based on the complaints.

Happily earn while shopping


P.S. Do not forget to specify your valid MCL address in your profile.

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Komodo Turkey Regional Director
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